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ON May 15 - June 15, 2021 




Last date to register your application is May 10, 2021

what make us Unique :

There will be motivational award 

Sponsored by:

Award of Free Return Air Ticket, Boarding and lodging to Canada to one of the champion out of three as below in condition to approve his visa. First preference will be to the top Champion only. Champion will take the oath in Yoga World Cup-2021 in Canada to represent Yoga Ministry of Canada.

1. Winner of Champions 

2. 1st Runner Up

3. 2nd Runner up

Conditions applied: There will be no Champion of champion award if the Total number of participation will be below than 150 participates.  


“5th World Yoga Cup & Festival"

Note please:  Yoga Ministry of Canada and Canadian Yoga association do not take any guarantee or responsibility for the visa process and organization will not interfere in immigration process. All participants have to satisfy the Canadian immigration to get the visa by their own. Canadian yoga  association or Yoga Ministry of Canada will only provide a valid official invitation to participants which may help every participant. 

“Canadian Yoga Association and ”Yoga Ministry of Canada“ personally invites all Yoga Leaders of the world to be part of “5th World Yoga Cup/Festival“ for the first time in Abbotsford, BC-Canada organizing by "Canadian Yoga Association" and "Yoga Ministry of Canada".


Medals & Prizes

Notes no.2.: 

What make us Different:

1. WINNER of winners of “World Yoga Championship” will honor by “certificates and medals.

2. Participation opportunities for 5th Yoga World Cup in Canada-2021.

3. Tourism opportunities in Canada.


Winners can be shortlisted for “International yoga instructor’s jobs” by Qualifying the interviews sessions by our collaborative Guests.

For details of championship follow the below:

Registration Fee  : CAD $20.00 for every legal participant.

(For officiating official jury fee will be $50 to provide the Jury certificate with only associate membership. Juries can choose the type of membership from the link at below: 

Join Y.M.C. | Y.M.C. (

Participants have to pay personally a fee of $ 20 to challenge or break the Canadian First Book of Amazing Olympia World Records (AOWR).





The competition is open to all individuals as well as members

of clubs, schools, colleges, Educational institutions, any district Yoga Association or any country.

There will be Pledge under organization flag of "Yoga Ministry of Canada' “as below: We Swear that we will take part in the “5th WORLD YOGA CHAMPIONSHIP 2021” in fair competition, respecting the rules and regulations which govern them and with the desire to participate in true sportsmanship for the honor of our country and for the glory of sports.

By Host Team Captain of "Yoga Ministry of Canada' adopted the Yoga-asana’s method as the key for the Competitive Sports and brought in to the categories of following groups.


For Details Contact:



The competition is open to both male and female in 7 separate groups as follows:

Group A. 5 to 8 years

Group B.  8 to 12 years

Group C. 12 to 18 years

Group D. 18 years-25 years

Group E. 25 years-35 years

Group F. 35 years-45 Years

Group G: 45 years and above

The above 7 groups are divided in to age groups which cover the age of the competitors from 8 years to 45 years and above. The details of age groups classification shown in rules and regulations of the competition separately. Confederation awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals to the Winner, Runner and 2nd Runners up in all age groups as stated above. Besides this, Rolling Trophies and Titles are awarded.

3. Proof OF AGE:

Competitor (Male & female) applying for entry shall produce a birth certificate or Identification card for proof of age. For candidates below age 18, the form must be signed by the guardian or parent. The competition is open to all individuals as well as members of clubs, schools, colleges, Educational institutions and any district Yoga Association. Every Participant has to submit his medical fitness certificate before to participate in the event.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from each category in the Yoga-asana Competition will be awarded with Medals and Certificates. 4th, 5th and 6th place will be awarded with Merit Certificates. The 1st place from each group will compete for the Champion of Champions title and Runner Up. Title “The Champion of Champions” will be awarded with Trophy, Certificate, Prize and Cash Amount. The Runner Up will be awarded with Trophy, Certificate, Prize and a Cash amount. The Winner of the Artistic & Rhythmic Yoga-asana Competition will be awarded with Trophy, Certificate and Prize.


All participants will be awarded with models and certificates of participations .


Any stimulating drug or alcoholic beverage must not be used before/during the competition by any competitor and their use will be treated as violation of the rules. The Committee has The full right to suspend a competitor up to 5 years as disciplinary action.


Entry fee for all participants is in "CAD-$20 and this fee.


Competitors are to report 2 hours before the competition. Competitors are liable to be Disqualified from competition for late reporting.



Hindi, Punjabi & English.


Please refer to Section- 2 for details of the selected asana and elimination round. Please refer to Section-3 for details of Artistic and Rhythmic Yoga-asana’s Competition.


 Judges will be appointed by the Committee and their decisions will be final. 2.Two (2) marks will be deducted from full score if the competitor fails to complete the asana in the first attempt. Four (4) marks will be deducted from full score if the competitor fails to complete the asana in the second attempt. No mark will be awarded if the competitor fails to complete the asana on the third attempt. 3.The Judges will consider: a). Proportion of the body b). Performance regarding grace in execution & steadiness of posture c). Dress, smartness & appearance.


Online Zoom Platform 


  1. A photocopy of certificate of medical fitness.

  2. The organizer will not be liable for any injury of competitors or participant during the whole festival/championship.

  3. Competitors must maintain good conduct discipline during festival/competitions; otherwise they will be suspended for 5-10 years.

  4. The committee reserves the right to add, alter, amend the rules, program, dates and venue of Festival/championship as its sole discretion without prior notice.

  5. Photography of this form will be accepted, if necessary.




According to lottery system Competitors have to perform one (1) asana from each category (Backbend,

Balance and Forward Bend) and one (1) asana OF

THEIR OWN CHOICE. (Total 4 asana)

Time to stay in each asana is 30 seconds

Competitors those will ac