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This is an open invitation to all yogis of world to be united by becoming anAssociated Yoga Member” ("AYM") or as "Associated Yoga Institute" ("AYI").

What Does It Mean To Be an "AYI" or "AYM"?

"AYM" means to be an united team of "Associated Yoga Members" with YMC under the registry system for the skilled yogis in the world to have an International Identification.  

AYI mean is to be united as an "Associated Yoga Institute" , those understand and follow the yogic education rules and Standards of Yoga under the authority of "Yoga ministry of Canada"(YMC).  An "AYI" must submit its training’s syllabus to YMC, be verified by our credentialing team .

YMC does not certify teachers or accredit schools. Yoga Ministry of Canada’s credentialing system is an united association base , not to be confused with other types of credentialing systems (such as certifications, accreditations, licensure, etc.).

What is an association registry?

A registry is a listing maintained by a professional association or entity which confers credibility on an individual, entity, or group based on published standards or guidelines determined by specified knowledge-based requirements (e.g., experience, education, examinations), grants individuals or entities a time-limited or life time status on that listing.

What are the benefits of being an  "Associated Yoga Institute" AYI?

1. All Associated Yoga Institutes can use the specific logo created by Yoga Ministry of Canada to represent their school as united member of YMC to attract people and students in society.

2. "AYI" will be allowed to provide the Yoga teacher training courses by their institute and to issue the pre-approved certificates by YMC to their students with the condition that all students to apply in advance for life time "Associated Yoga Membership" with YMC.  All students will receive their E-certificates of membership once after an "AYI" submit the students pass certificates.

What are the benefits of being an "Associated Yoga Members" (AYM):

1. You will be issue an e-certificate that may help you in your carrier profile such as a supporting document for a job search in Canada.

2. You can get a chance to work as a jury for our company calls Amazing Olympia World Records which is the very first Canadian record organization.

3. Our membership certificate can be used as supportive documents for the Canadian Immigration process.

4. Associated membership logo can support to improve your business.

5. It can help students who want to apply for study in Canada as their supportive document.

6. As members of daily life in our journey we have to decide our self if this membership can be helpful or not. Kind regards. Team YMC Yoga Ministry Of Canada.

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How to join our Membership with
"Yoga Ministry Of Canada"


Step 1:  Choose the type of membership you wish to enroll in and pay directly at the below link:



To contribute to 1-year membership click below:

To contribute for Individual Life-Time membership click below:

To contribute to 1-year organization/company membership click below:

To contribute to organization/company Life-Time membership click below:

Step 2:

Documents list in English only:

  1. Payment receipt.

  2. Business name.

  3. Business license copy under act INC. or Non-Profit.

  4. Official Logo of institute.

  5. Institution's full address.

  6. Email and phone number.

  7. Business website.

  8. Sample of certificate which will be use with member's logo of "AYI"

  9. Pdf. of course syllabus of yoga TTC if wish to provide to students in collaboration with YMC.

  10. Describe in an pdf regarding the expectation of institute for its success or future business plan or proposal.

 Note: Wait for 12 to 15 working days for YMC's team to check your documents and to issue your E-certificate.

"AYM" : 

Send the required documents to be an certified Associated Yoga Members (AYM) by email at-

Documents list in English only:

1. Payment receipt.

2. At least one yoga education certificate or experience evidence or achievement certificate.

3. Official passport size photo with white background.

4. Your Designation in your occupation/company.

5. Business name.

6. Business website if it’s available.

7. Full Name according to the passport.

Note: Wait for 2 to 5 working days for YMC's team to check your documents and to issue your E-certificate.

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