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Body Healing
Herbal Treatment

Therapeutic Yoga


  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • It is an adaptation of yoga that applies yogic principles and ways to heal human ailments. It is an amalgamation of restorative yoga, breath work, gentle yoga, meditation, and chakra stimulation. It is the most effective therapy for various diseases.

  • What diseases does therapeutic yoga focus on?


  • Here is the list of common ailments that are benefited by specific therapeutic programs: This list is not exhaustive but merely indicative:





6. Back Pain                                       7. Menstrual Disorders                    8. Infertility

9. Hip pain                           

10. Shoulder Injury

 11. Athletic Injuries                           12. Heart Diseases

13. Migraines                         14. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome        15. Osteoporosis 

 16. Sinusitis

17. Sciatica                           

18. Psychological disorders        19. Post Cancer Effects                  20.Somatic Dysfunctions

21. Aids/HIV+                        22. Insomnia                                      23. Post Traumatic Syndrome    24. Stress  and a lot more.

1.  Anxiety                               

2. Arthritis                                     

3. Asthma                                     

 4. Depression

5. Musculoskeletal Pain 


  • Yoga for PCOD & Infertility

  •  Yoga for Diabetes

  •  Yoga for Hypertension

  •  Yoga for Weight Loss

  •  Yoga for Digestive Problems

  •  Yoga for Back pain & Neck pain

  •  Yoga for Kids

  •  Yoga for Antenatal and Postnatal care

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